Environmental and Evolutionary Microbiology Group @eem_lab
Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer
Department of Fundamental Microbiology / University of Lausanne
Environmental and Evolutionary Microbiology

My primary interest is the environment, the quality of our living resources and the ways that bacteria can help to manage and degrade human wastes and restore environmental health. Consequently, I am very interested in genetic adaptation processes in bacteria, the mechanisms by which they deal with toxic substances, how they react to pollution in general and how we can apply microbial processes in a useful way (like bacterial bioreporters, bioremediation, microbiome engineering).

September 19 2023

Congratulations to Tania for winning this year's FameLab public outreach prize!

September 04 2023

Congratulations to Isaline (and Maxime, Manupriyam and Renyi), for her first publication in PLoS Computational Biology on the development of a co-culture substrate competition model with metabolite exchange!

September 04 2023

Maxime wins this year's SSM 2023 award for the best junior presentation for his work on bacteria growing in picoliter droplets! Bravo, Maxime!

March 22 2023

Congratulations to Helena and Tania, for their publication on the development and usage of a new (easy) single cell tracking tool. Thanks as well to the various group members for their help in manual curation of many time-lapse images!

February 14 2023

Congratulations to Marian and everyone for the publication of her work in mSystems to analyze the importance of Pseudomonas veronii gene functions for growth and survival in soils under toluene stress, by means of transposon library sequencing. A long and tedious work! Thanks in particular to Vladimir, Dominique, Senka and Nico, to complement and finalize all the necessary experiments.

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Jan Roelof van der Meer

Group leader

Vladimir Sentchilo

Senior scientist

Nicolas Carraro

Senior Scientist

Andrea Daveri

PhD student

Roxane Moritz

PhD Student

Senka Causevic

PhD student

Maxime Batsch

PhD Student

Gaïtan Géhin

PhD student shared with Jasqueline Peña

Isaline Guex

PhD student shared with Christian Mazza

Tania Miguel Trabajo

PhD student

Helena Todorov


Valentina Benigno

PhD student

Sébastian Burz


Anthony Convers

PhD student

Bouke Bentvelsen

Junior Scientist

Davide Ciccarese


Clara Bailey

Visiting PhD student

Bruna Fornasari

Master student
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Jan Roelof van der Meer

See Jan van der Meer live at the 'Night of the Microbes' of the ISME meeting 2018. Lecture: Jan van der Meer's video talk called

Synthetic Biology: Principles and Applications is available on at


Latest publications

Regulated bacterial interaction networks: A mathematical framework to describe competitive growth under inclusion of metabolite cross-feeding.

Guex I, Mazza C, Dubey M, Batsch M, Li R, van der Meer JR.

PLoS Comput Biol. 2023 Aug. 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1011402

Fitness-Conditional Genes for Soil Adaptation in the Bioaugmentation Agent Pseudomonas veronii 1YdBTEX2.

Morales M, Sentchilo V, Carraro N, Causevic S, Vuarambon D, van der Meer JR.

mSystems. 2023 Apr 27. 10.1128/msystems.01174-22

STrack: A Tool to Simply Track Bacterial Cells in Microscopy Time-Lapse Images.

Todorov H, Miguel Trabajo T, van der Meer JR.

mSphere. 2023 Apr 20. 10.1128/msphere.00658-22


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