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Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer
Department of Fundamental Microbiology / University of Lausanne
Environmental and Evolutionary Microbiology

My primary interest is the environment, the quality of our living resources and the ways that bacteria can help to manage and degrade human wastes and restore environmental health. Consequently, I am very interested in genetic adaptation processes in bacteria, the mechanisms by which they deal with toxic substances, how they react to pollution in general and how we can apply microbial processes in a useful way (like bacterial bioreporters, bioremediation, microbiome engineering).

May 03 2021

Congratulations to Marian, Vladimir and Noushin for their new paper in Environmental Microbiomes describing the global reactions of our pet inoculant Pseudomonas veronii into non-sterile and contaminated soils!

April 22 2021

Congratulations to Manu, for his publication in Communications Biology! Finally, one of the stories on soil bacteria in the famous alginate beads is out, showing the importance of interspecific effects on growth of soil bacteria communities. And read 'behind the paper'.

February 09 2021

Congratulations to Birge for her new publication fresh in mSystems! Very well done! Community analysis and biodegradation deduced from flow cytometry machine-learned data.

January 26 2021

We are very happy to welcome Helena Todorov as new postdoc in the group. Helena will be working on recognition of cell images in microbial communities.

January 26 2021

Congratulations to Diogo, for successfully passing his PhD exam last Friday January 22! An excellent finish of his research on new RbsB variants as possible sensory proteins in bacterial bioreporters. All the best for your future career, Diogo!

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Jan Roelof van der Meer

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Jan Roelof van der Meer

See Jan van der Meer live at the 'Night of the Microbes' of the ISME meeting 2018. Lecture: Jan van der Meer's video talk called

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Latest publications

A Miniaturized Microbe-Silicon-Chip Based on Bioluminescent Engineered Escherichia coli for the Evaluation of Water Quality and Safety.

Sciuto EL, Corso D, Libertino S, van der Meer JR, Faro G, Coniglio MA.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2021 Jul 16. 10.3390/ijerph18147580

Loss of enteric neuronal Ndrg4 promotes colorectal cancer via increased release of Nid1 and Fbln2.

Vaes N, Schonkeren SL, Rademakers G, Holland AM, Koch A, Gijbels MJ, Keulers TG, de Wit M, Moonen L, Van der Meer JRM, van den Boezem E, Wolfs TGAM, Threadgill DW, Demmers J, Fijneman RJA, Jimenez CR, Vanden Berghe P, Smits KM, Rouschop KMA, Boesmans W, Hofstra RMW, Melotte V.

EMBO Rep. 2021 Jun 4. 10.15252/embr.202051913

Genome-wide gene expression changes of Pseudomonas veronii 1YdBTEX2 during bioaugmentation in polluted soils.

Morales M, Sentchilo V, Hadadi N, van der Meer JR.

Environ Microbiome. 2021 Apr 29. 10.1186/s40793-021-00378-x

Environmental connectivity controls diversity in soil microbial communities.

Dubey M, Hadadi N, Pelet S, Carraro N, Johnson DR, van der Meer JR.

Commun Biol. 2021 Apr 22. 10.1038/s42003-021-02023-2


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