Environmental and Evolutionary Microbiology Group
Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer
Department of Fundamental Microbiology / University of Lausanne
Environmental and Evolutionary Microbiology

My primary interest is the environment, the quality of our living resources and the ways that bacteria can help to manage and degrade human wastes and restore environmental health. Consequently, I am very interested in genetic adaptation processes in bacteria, the mechanisms by which they deal with toxic substances, how they react to pollution in general and how we can apply microbial processes in a useful way (like bacterial bioreporters, bioremediation, microbiome engineering).

April 16 2020

Welcome to Senka, Isaline and Tania, who started their PhD research in the group and will work on the new soil communities projects. 

April 15 2020

Congratulations to Birge for successfully defending her PhD thesis last Thursday! We wish you all the best for your future career as an entrepreneur! Keep us posted about the developments.

January 09 2020

Congratulations to Noushin on the publication of her new paper on the multi-omics integrative modeling of Pseudomonas veronii physiology.

npj Systems Biology and Applications 6, Article number 1 (2020)

January 09 2020

Welcome to Maxime, our new internship Master student from the University of Lyon, who will study interactions in synthetic microbial communities using picoliter droplet growth containers.

December 20 2019

We are very happy and proud that the Swiss Government has decided to support our new collaborative initiative NCCR Microbiomes, which will enable us to work with 20+ groups on microbiome studies and engineering. We are waiting for a new website to be launched on this initiative. You can watch a short content movie here.

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Jan Roelof van der Meer

Group leader

Nicolas Carraro


Andrea Daveri

PhD student

Marian Morales

PhD Student

Roxane Moritz

PhD Student

Xavier Richard

shared PhD student with Christian Mazza

Vladimir Sentchilo

Senior scientist

Diogo Tavares

PhD student

Andrea Vucicevic

PhD student

Senka Causevic

PhD student

Caroline Gaille

Master student

Maxime Batsch

Internship Master Student

Gaïtan Géhin

PhD student shared with Jasqueline Peña

Isaline Guex

PhD student shared with Christian Mazza

Tania Miguel Trabajo

PhD student
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Jan Roelof van der Meer

See Jan van der Meer live at the 'Night of the Microbes' of the ISME meeting 2018. Lecture: Jan van der Meer's video talk called

Synthetic Biology: Principles and Applications is available on at


Latest publications

Bioluminescence-Triggered Photoswitchable Bacterial Adhesions enable Higher Sensitivity and Dual-readout Bacterial Biosensors for Mercury.

Chen F, Warnock RL, van der Meer JR, Wegner SV.

ACS Sens. 2020 Jun 25. 10.1021/acssensors.0c00855

Author Correction: Mechanistic insights into bacterial metabolic reprogramming from omics-integrated genome-scale models.

Hadadi N, Pandey V, Chiappino-Pepe A, Morales M, Gallart-Ayala H, Mehl F, Ivanisevic J, Sentchilo V, van der Meer JR.

NPJ Syst Biol Appl. 2020 Jan 30. 10.1038/s41540-020-0123-2

Computational redesign of the Escherichia coli ribose-binding protein ligand binding pocket for 1,3-cyclohexanediol and cyclohexanol.

Tavares D, Reimer A, Roy S, Joublin A, Sentchilo V, van der Meer JR.

Sci Rep. 2019 Nov 15. 10.1038/s41598-019-53507-5

Transient Replication in Specialized Cells Favors Transfer of an Integrative and Conjugative Element.

Delavat F, Moritz R, van der Meer JR.

mBio. 2019 Jun 11. 10.1128/mBio.01133-19


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